A Presidential Affair!!!

WOW!!! Been given such an amazing and unreal opportunity: to perform before President Jacob Zuma and his guests on the 12th of July 2013…

I feel so humbled and uplifted by this blessing, words escape me… so, with that, I will simply say again, WOW!!!


  1. sharon

    Amen Donnie may God be lifted up

  2. Gizi

    Wow! All the best dear. Make the most of it and may God continue Blessing you even more..

  3. zanele

    wow!! congratulations and keep spreading the Good news of the TRUE Gospel through the spoken word….God is doing a new thing….can you see it….it is already unfolding. i am inspired!

  4. Matthew

    Good stuff my friend… and when the time comes. May he not only remember, but may he put action to your words!!!

  5. Bernadine

    Brilliant Donald God is faithful He will take you before great for His Glory to manifest.

  6. admin

    Thanks a million guys, I really appreciate the kind words! Glory to God indeed! Amen!

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