Quotable motivation

I have always loved reading potent quotes about life, Socrates, Platos, Shakespear, Steven Biko etc and I have always wanted to be one of the people that my peers quote because I genuinely believed I was profound enough to also say intelligent and wise things. So the below, are things I have said from 2010 to date, which I believe to be profound thoughts worthy to be quoted haha, quick disclaimer is some of these are just funny thoughts I felt were worthy of being repeated. Okay so here goes:

There is absolutely nothing more intriguing than a woman who thinks beyond what she will be wearing today…

you need a licence to drive any type of vehicle…but my life is driven by purpose…

Your background is exactly that, BACKground! It has nothing to do with your future so do not let your past hold you back!!

There is literally only one thing God can’t do…..and that is stop loving you.

Life does not cease because of a decision you make, the plants will continue to grow and whither whether or not you choose to move on or remain where you are.

I can no longer withstand one sided friendships, if you are not pulling your weight in our friendship then cheers.

Donald & Jesus sitting under a tree, speaking heavenly wisdom and disecting prophecy, first came salvation, then came the mission, then came eternity in God’s supervision!

The “better than nothing” mentality, although appreciative, may elude one to lower the standards using the premise that one must just be thankful. There is a fine line between accepting 2nd best and being thankful for the blessings God constantly showers upon us…strike the balance.

Did you know that bees didn’t know that they couldn’t fly? Eistein didn’t know he couldn’t be intelligent? In truth a lot of things are within our reach but because society says we can’t do it and sometimes because we believe we can’t do it…we end up incapable of doing it. I say, you can do it, you just need to believe it and ripleys will too.

Beware not to live life according to someone else’s expectations of who you should be, how you should speak or behave. Being yourself in a world that is constantly dictating who you should be is certainly something laudible! So I propose to protein shake toast to BEING YOURSELF!!!

At time we seek clean slates yet bring the same dirty minds that caused the filth in the first place. Work on the mind first! Move!

At times we date because we are afraid to be alone, afraid of facing ourselves, of answering questions like “who are you really? what are your dreams and goals? where do you want to be? why?” So we plunge ourselves into relationships so that our time is spent entertaining others instead of finding ourselves. We put energy into learning about the latest cars specs, movies, music yet we do not even know ourselves and where we are going…being single does not mean you are alone.



  1. bontle

    Yep..most definitely worth quoting D..I particularly love the first quote of the lot..Move! : )

  2. Millaw

    Totally love the first one;thats the kinda woman il end up getting married to

  3. Millaw

    Totaly love the first one;thats the kinda woman il end up getting married to

  4. Bernadine

    Brilliantly said keep it up Donald.I wish we had more thinking man just saying.

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