Life’s funny dynamics

Life has certain dynamics which are funny when you really think about them. This post is dedicated to pointing some of these out, some are just funny in a haha sense and some in a weird sense but all of them somewhat remind me that life is truly a journey.

So at my home gym there is a homosexual cleaner who works there, now let me take this opportunity to state that I am not homophobic at all infact I am going somewhere with this (otherwise I wouldn’t just point out someone’s sexual orientation for no reason) and he cleans the male change rooms, showers etc and this means that he sees us butt naked. I actually felt sorry for him when I looked at this situation (permit me my obscure sense of empathy) as he is attracted to males so surely seeing them naked all the time must be somewhat torturous? That’s like a heterosexual male working as a cleaner in the female change rooms, I mean I would die!! The interesting dynamic here of course is the fact that he is male gender wise hence he cleans the male change rooms, so his sexual orientation is not considered by his employer, I am keen to know why and more importantly, how he feels about it.

Another noteworthy dynamic is office politics. We spend 8 hours a day for 5 days at work with a group of people whom we call colleagues, now I understand and at times recommend that we not be friends for professional reasons but we literally spend more time with them than we do our own family (excluding self employed guys whose offices are home) yet the amount of fights and back biting that occurs is unreal!! Why? Why? Why? I have seen colleagues oust others just to be ingratiated with the boss, gossip about each other yet smile in their faces, how is this behaviour logical? The crazy thing about it is, it does not matter how old you are, all age groups are involved and here I thought the older ones know better with experience and all; boy was I wrong!

Life is full of these weird and funny dynamics and I am veyr intrigued by them, please feel free to share ones you have picked up with me! Have a great week!


Yours Puntastically

Donald Neosapien Mokgale


  1. Nice blog- life is very funny indeed. How you ever thought how strong the “heart” is- to handle sorrow, love loss, break ups, death. How does one pick up and go on with life? Just a thought…
    Later xoxoxo

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