The art of kissing

By Donald The Neosapien Mokgale

I know what you are thinking, no I am no expert on the subject at all however, I know a thing or two I feel I should share which I am certain a lot of people will relate to. Travel back in time with me a little, I remember seeing two adults kiss on TV, this was actually the first time for me, on the furniture old Days Of Our Lives. The couple connected lips but proceeded to do a wave like motion while the lips were together, I had no clue what they were doing with their lips and I always wondered, until I experienced it myself eventually, quite a few times in fact leading me to the crux of this post.


Fortunately for me, the first time I kissed a girl was a very pleasant experience, it was simple and it had a flow about it there were no complicated acrobatics involved. Let’s look at the various things involved when kissing:
• Emotion/feeling – positive feelings/emotions make the whole experience more pleasant, a kiss after a mind blowing time on a date with a potential can send you flying to cloud 10, unfortunately one cannot always control this aspect but I feel that I should mention it anyway (the assumption is of course you will be in good health at least).
• Lips – the condition of one’s lips definitely affects the experience; the softness/hardness/coarseness will most likely affect the usage of the next two aspects. It is vital to have graceful lip work, it is gauche to suck on the other person’s lips as if your life depends on it. Lips are meant to dance sensually not bump into each other violently like a Mike Tyson fight. It is vital to take care of your lips; ladies not all lip glosses and lipsticks taste good, bear this in mind when prepping for your date and gents, LL Cool J may have made licking your lips look cool, but all that maltase makes the lips dry when the saliva evaporates.
• Tongue – to all my Frenchies, facile le fait. Generally speaking, you will know when to use the tongue and when you do remember to do it elegantly, based on the synergy between the two of you, do not shove the thing down the other person’s mouth as if to feed a baby or test their deep throating abilities. The tongue usage is meant to be reciprocal, tasteful and sensual. Please keep your saliva down, of course there will be some swopping but do not drown the other party, this is digusting !
• Teeth – now this one is for your more advanced kissers who know how to use teeth to create an extra sensation on the lips of the kissee, do not masticate the poor person’s lips, graze gracefully the softer portions of their lips while using the tongue to sooth it all over.

The rhythm of the kiss will be determined by the vibe between the parties involved and in all instances it is repugnant to wave your head as if you are Stevie Wonder on his keys while kissing. A kiss can determine the course of your entire relationship depending on how important it is to the other party so it is vital to be, at the very least, a decent kisser.

Okay so I have said a mouthful, hopefully you nodded your head in agreement while smiling as images of your great and horrible experiences came to mind. Kissing is truly an art and not all of us are artists naturally but we can all be trained to be. Mcwa!

about to kiss


  1. Tebogo

    Quite interesting, I like the education behind it, its true it really takes somewhat, Experience to perfect such.

  2. admin

    Ta Tebza ngwana.

  3. Tsepo

    Well i have gone through the article and i would seem like a bad kisser if i disagreed with anything mentioned above.
    This put depth and understanding in the phrase “good kisser”.

    • admin

      hahaha that is hilarious!! Thank you Tsepo.

      @Carol, thank you. Please share this with your friends, let’s promote the reading of good content amongst our peers.

  4. Yolanda

    So true.

  5. Carol

    Don Don my honey, interesting read !

  6. sure thing man,cant wait for part 2

  7. N Buthelezi

    Brilliant read.engaging, wickedly witty and thought provoking. Nice one Don

  8. Thato Sihlali

    Nice entry. Not long and a great read. Points noted :)

  9. admin

    fantastic, thanks for taking the time to read and share your thoughts on it. Please feel free to peruse the other articles and do the same, if you like them enough please share them.

  10. Lesego Kube

    Prolific writer in the making you are, please touch on the type of intimacy involved in your next article

  11. Tracy

    Definitely an interesting reading, i wish i could have had a few of my exes read this.hahaha…Also the biggest misconception (based on my experience of course) is that it is necessary to do the “Stevie wonder” with your head and that is repulsive to me and i from then on know that i do not want to do it again (kiss the guy).Thank you Donald!!!

    • admin

      Thank you very much Tracy! Appreciate that!
      @ Lesego, we shall see my friend.

  12. lerato lucite

    Hmmmm, good read-very interesting. “Lips are meant to dance sensually not bump into each other violently like a Mike Tyson fight.”I love that

  13. Khensie

    Hahhahaha, a good read indeed.

  14. The best part about this post, is how I kept thinking of all my kissing encounters, and how almost everything you’ve written I could relate to :)
    Been kissing the same man for years now, and it’s still sparks when we smooch..
    Loved it! Shared it!

  15. Hahahah I love it.. a blitz of images of past relationships flashed in my head as I was reading.
    Geatly writen, didnt need an argument….light but informative as well.

  16. mhmhm wow! great Mokgale interesting it…

  17. Thats a lesson for some us who are into relationships and cannot understand the complexities of kissing as you may think youare doing it right ,great insight my guy

  18. Tululu

    Hahahahahaha INCREDIBLE!

    I strongly agree that kissing is an art and definitely has to be pleasant, nothing worse than a rough, dry and sloppy kiss.
    Interesting to note, that alot of what you have said is true and I can identify and relate to it all.
    For me, sometimes I enjoy when my partner takes the lead so I can get use to his style. I am all for closing my eyes when kissing as well as holding or using your hands.

    Kissing is truly an art as you are completely engaged with another person’s body, from the face,lips and minds all connecting at once. You have the potential to create a perfect moment, deeper than deep.

    LOL :)

  19. Sarita

    Well educated now.

  20. Sizwe

    Dope read bro , Kissing is like wine , get’s better with time

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