Behind the Soubriquet

Donald Neosapien Mokgale is a young, black and intelligent multi-slam winning poet who began writing poetry from 2003. Donald Mokgale, being a lateral thinker who had strong views about pseudonyms, always told himself that he would not formulate one for the sake of it until the right time and after he was reborn spiritually, he formulated the name Neosapien. The prefix NEO means new and SAPIEN is taken from Darwin’s theory of evolution where he states that humans are Homosapiens. Donald believed that by being reborn he was renewed and ergo a new human which is the direct translation of the name. The name also means that he is a new breed in his way of thinking and he seeks to alter the perceptions of people through his poetry.

He has very strong views about how poetry can be used by private organisations effectively beyond just as ‘entertainment’ items on an agenda of events. Poetry can be used to summarise organisational strategies, recreate visions and missions of companies with added flare and contemporary feels, edutainment on current social incidences as opposed to vociferous performances at poetry sessions, not taking anything away from these done and dusted methods, but he mentions how things should change and readjust accordingly and he leads by example. Being one of the producers of is one of the ways in which he believes SA poets should go from lip service to practical difference illustrations in society.

“Donald The Neosapien is a premium brand that is still in touch with society” says the young man, even his dress code speaks about brand equity and positioning setting the standard and changing misconceptions that all poets look scruffy. He has performed all innumerable poetry sessions, had copious radio interviews with various stations, had quite a few TV appearances, a compendium corporate functions, creativity conferences and a couple of weddings to name a few. He is also an MC, motivational speaker, thought leader, philosopher and lyricist.

Much is certainly to be said about this man, but the proof is in the pudding, so watch this space for more updates on his events, performances and upcoming products.