Fallen Angel

I often pride myself for being a prudent pedestrian, a man who treads softly on the paths of life yet I miscalculated my steps, tripped and fell in love with a fallen angel…

I was drawn in by her caramel blanket wrapping her temple, her exotic eyes that reflected the perfection of God’s creation, her ASSets curved to slither into even a righteous man’s heart. She knocked onto the walls of my locked heart and out of fallibility permitted her to…enter. Being a man who believes in reciprocity I knocked onto the walls of her heart and she permitted me to…enter so we both, entered into lustful waters with sin anchoring itself to our ankles.

This became the re-enactment of the fall of Samson & David, one small glance led us to one big fall as we fell victim to the fairness of maidens, the warmth of their thighs and the sweetness of their forbidden fruits… a sweetness, that left a sour taste in the mouth of God as I submitted to the lusts of the flesh in weakness. I felt my guardian angel distance himself from me, I felt as naked as Adam & Eve…though they used figs & leaves in attempts to cover their nakedness, I used my reasoning in attempts to justify for my iniquity, I stained Christ’s garmets of righteousness a scarlet colour.

Consumed by guilt & disgust I no longer felt worthy of the blood of Christ, as Satan reminded me of my futility I began to forget righteousness by faith. I realised that I had crucified Him again. Swallowed by guilt I began to lose my sanity, my physical health deteriorated and I began to feel pain worse than a broken heart…for I had a broken ‘soul’, I felt de-‘feet’ed so I knelt and prayed, repented and campaigned, daily for the atonement of my iniquity. Christ, being a High priest in the most holy place, showed the father the blood that was spilt for me…saved by grace and faith in Christ I arose not aroused by a rose that tickled my libido, but I arose strengthened and assured of the new covenant’s promises.

So here I stand, a sinner just like you. Proverbs 24:17 says that a righteous man falls 7 times but he rises again, so rise with me to heaven for God abundantly pardons our iniquities (Isaiah 55:7). Yes I fell in love with a fallen angel…and reflected the glory of Christ into her heart.