Welcome to mzansi where rights have become wrong and wrong has replaced the traditional ethos like “umuntu umuntu ngabantu – a person is a person through others” and now others watch and walk on by while the modern man serves knuckle sandwiches. Our christmas presents were absent parents who never told us they love us, so we would look for love from others, pretentious lovers, who loved playing house and emulated their fathers and mothers. We were ‘puffed’ up from societal pressure collecting kilopascals from peers. Carnivores and vegetarians who see women as pieces of meat to meet their primitive needs.

We all feel the need to belong right? So we all consume media like gluttons where we are told that women must be sexy and cosmopolitan, while men must be tigers that never shed crocodile tears, never experience fear or emotions that are dear. So they are given ‘black labels’ about what manhood is; being aggressive and hard, even descending from the mountain of circumcision forces one to have sex to test if the ‘machine’ works. “Mshini wam mshini wam, awulethu mshini wam awulethu shini wam.” Boys are taught to be men by single mothers who are too shy to speak about erections and wet dreams, so they look around for role models and see iskhothane burning his ambition, a president’s rape victim, Shrian Divani’s cheque book, a blade runner’s corpse and Richard Mdluli’s footprints…and follow along footsteps publicised by the ubiquitous media.

Ours is a damaged society, where social ‘entrepreneurs’ are killed by rights and social norms I mean back then, raising children was everybody’s ‘business’ and now people’s minds are liquidated…Men resolve their childhood aggression & identity issues using their ‘cocks’…ironically too ‘chicken’ to speak up. They try to fill the void in their souls by taking someone else’s power, they make excuses for the excuses of men they have become. They complain about women’s provocative clothing when traditional attire exposed more skin!! See all men are rapists!! Including all those who are brilliant at watching other men rape and walk on by yet expect their mothers and sisters to be safe, all men are rapists!! So before you all walk on by…wipe the blood from your hands…